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Design is king in uncertain times

It’s slowly starting. Painfully slowly, in fact. But with the rollout of vaccination programs worldwide, we see the path back to normalcy ahead of us. Sure, the timeline is anything but clear, but the writing is on the wall – thankfully!

The question now becomes: how do we get ready? In what ways can savvy entrepreneurs prepare themselves and their businesses? It’s clear that the last year has forever changed almost every industry, but one thing remains: a strong brand is key to impacting and welcoming both new and returning guests. Every facet of design is crucial, from logo design to tone of voice. This has never been truer than now. So, where does your brand stand now and how can you strengthen it in preparation for (fingers crossed) a post-COVID world?

Back to basics

Many of our notions about our brands, our guests and our future have been laid bare over the past year. Before moving full speed into the future, it’s smart to take a beat and look back. In the nascent days of your concept, what motivated you? What space in the market were you looking to fill? What lit the fire in you and your team to fight for your vision? Those are the things that made your guests love you in the first place. Are those foundational elements still part of your brand? How can you amplify and strengthen them to reflect what makes you special?

Where are we now?

Your market most likely looks very different than it did 12 months ago. Many of your competitors may have pivoted their offerings or gone out of business altogether. If you did market research, there’s a good chance the findings are obsolete today. The demographics in your neighborhood may have shifted, taking away some target guests and bringing in new groups to reach out to. A complex understanding of your market will equip you to better serve your guests and fine tune your offerings to meet market demands.

Tomorrow is only a day away

Brand evolution is key, not only to survival, but to success. Understanding the foundation of your brand, in combination with the current status of your market, allows you to succeed today. But if we can take anything from recent experience, it’s that the industry can change rapidly and unpredictably. It’s vital that your brand’s verbal and visual identity are designed to endure and adapt. In all likelihood, your business model has shifted recently. Does your brand still reflect who you are and what you offer? And will it still do so tomorrow?

Updating and refreshing a brand can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Brandchef is here. As a creative agency, we are committed to brand design that makes an immediate

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